Lash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions are safe and will not damage your natural lashes if they have been applied correctly by using light-weight extensions and each natural lash is isolated, so your extensions do not disturb the growth of your natural lashes cycle. Most people have a hair growth cycle of 4-weeks which means new lashes will grow through and old lashes will naturally fall out. On average, we lose 3-5 lashes a day which means refills are needed every 2-3 weeks depending on your own hair growth cycle.

Individual extensions applied to each natural lash. This set is for those desiring a natural look. It will depend on the number of natural lashes you have to achieve a ‘full’ look.

A mixture of both Individual lashes and volume lashes and a variety of lengths. Individual extensions are applied for length and Volume extensions are applied to the areas on the lash line that need more fullness.

3D/5D Volume fans are applied to each natural lash to triple the number of lashes you have. This is for those desiring a glamorous look.

Classic Full Set | Refills 2-3 weeks   $120 | $75
Hybrid Full Set | Refills 2-3 weeks   $130 | $85
3D Volume Full Set | Refills 2-3 weeks   $140 | $95
5D Volume Full Set | Refills 2-3 weeks   $150 | $100
6D Volume Full Set | Refills 2-3 weeks   $160 | $110

Any Refills at 4+ weeks will incur a $10.00 fee on top of 2-3 week refill price.
Anything under 60% of lashes left will require a full set, please keep in mind your lashes may look full however at a refill half the amount of lashes will need to be replaced as they will have grown out as well as well as adding lashes please book accordingly to allow time for this.

Eyelash Removal    $30
Eyelash Bath    $10

(Please consider, If you come in with mascara you will be charged to have the lashes cleansed)

Our Artist Brittni will happily Refill other artists work if they have been correctly applied and that you are happy with them otherwise you will need to book in for a removal & a new set. Please note that if you book in for a refill from another artists work and need a removal & full set you will be charged accordingly for that & we may not have enough time.