Beauty Treatments

Lash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions are safe and will not damage your natural lashes if they have been applied correctly by using light-weight extensions and each natural lash is isolated, so your extensions do not disturb the growth of your natural lashes cycle. Most people have a hair growth cycle of 4-weeks which means new lashes will grow through and old lashes will naturally fall out. On average, we lose 3-5 lashes a day which means refills are needed every 3 weeks depending on your own hair growth cycle.
Individual extensions applied to each natural lash. This set is for those desiring a natural look. It will depend on the number of natural lashes you have to achieve a ‘full’ look.
A mixture of both Individual lashes and volume lashes and a variety of lengths. Individual extensions are applied for length and Volume extensions are applied to the areas on the lash line that need more fullness.
3D Volume fans are applied to each natural lash to triple the number of lashes you have. This is for those desiring a glamorous look.

Classic Full Set | Refills 2-3 weeks   $115 | $65
Hybrid Full Set | Refills 2-3 weeks   $130 | $75
3D Volume Full Set | Refills 2-3 weeks   $150 | $85
5D Dramatic Full Set | Refills 2-3 weeks   $165 | $95
Eyelash Removal    $30

Anything under 60% of lashes left will be needing a full set, please book accordingly to allow time for this. Unfortunately, we will not refill other lash technicians work.

Lash Treatments

Natural Lift & Enhancement for your lashes by safely curling the lashes.

Lash tint   $20
Lash lift with tint   $80

Brow Treatments

Define and frame your face with beautifully sculpted brows.

Brow sculpture   $20
Brow sculpture with tint   $35
Brow sculpture with Henna   $65

Semi-permanent tattooing

A complimentary consultation is recommended a day of treatment which requires a patch test and includes choosing your suitable colour and shape of your eyebrows by using a mapping out technique. After your consultation, a $100.00 deposit is required to hold your appointment. Micro-blading is a semi-permanent tattoo used with a microblade to achieve natural hair stroke look through the brow.

Micro-blading Feather Touch Brows   $399*
Ombre Brows Tattoo   $399*
Combination brows (micro-blading/ powder technique)   $399*

* Includes touch up session at 4-6 weeks, numbing cream and aftercare *Semi-permanent tattoo*
*Any additional touch up sessions within 4-6weeks after your included touch up will incur a $50.00 cost*
6-12 month brow touch up session $200.00
1-2 year brow touch up session $250.00

Full Lip Blush tattoo  $350**

** Includes touch up session at 4-6 weeks


Teeth Whitening

A combination of both powerful led blue light and dental grade whitening gel provides the perfect solution to the fastest, most safe & cost-effective way to achieve a younger, healthier look, whilst dramatically enhancing your image.

(Up to 10 shades lighter in one session)

60 minutes   $99
For you and a Friend   $170

Spray Tanning

Say goodbye to pale skin and get a flawless tan with a rich, beautiful, natural colour.

Spray Tanning   $35